Dennis E. Hiller's Collector's guide to Air Pistols

             Also known as the Model 170

Maker:  Predom Lucznik, Poland.
Date:  Middle 1970's to present day.
Valuation:  £40- £80.
Details:    Very similar to Walther LP53. All black finish with black grips. Appears to have year stamp on side of barrel and serial number. Various marking appear stamped on the barrel, body and cocking lever that also acts as the trigger guard. Cast in the L.H.S. of the body is "PREDOM-LUCZNIK" followed by "Wz 1970 and KAL. 4.5mm";. The internal design appears to follow that of the Lincoln airpistol. Such is the pace of progress. A very well made target airpistol. Advertised weight 38 ozs. Approximate muzzle velocity being 350 f.p.s. For a review, see "Guns Review", March, 1975.
  The rifling does not go right to the end of the barrel, but stops about an inch or so from the muzzle. This could be for some sort of cocking aid, as it is with the Walther LP53. Serial numbers seen begin with P and Z, and G. Was advertised on the continent as been available with 4x15 telescopic sight that was mounted on top of the barrel in place of the rearsight. Available in .177 only.

Scheme of Predom-Lucznik airpistol from Guns Review.

Source scan of page with Predom-Lucznik airpistol.

Описание Walther LP53 из той же книги.

К моему описанию пистолета Predom-Lucznik.